What to do when a doctor says you're too fat for outpatient anesthesia

Hi. I recently experienced a major healthcare barrier for fat people: BMI limits for outpatient anesthesia. I was told I was too big for outpatient procedures. Turns out that was bullshit. Here's how I fought back and won.

A picture of me chilling out in my hospital gown and N95 mask waiting to get my endoscopy.

My first Wagtail tests

So with the Wagtail 3.0 release candidate already out in the wild, I'm starting to think about what it would take to transition this website to Wagtail 3.0, and later on to Wagtail 4.0. Given that I'm running Wagtail 2.13.1, I've got just a weeeeeeee bit of work to do around here...


Random Wagtail Thing I Learned: File size limits in Nginx and animated GIF support

Since I'm building this website as I'm driving it, I'm learning a lot of little random things about Wagtail that aren't quite worth a full tutorial. But they are worth writing down. So now you get to benefit from my desire to record random pieces of Wagtail knowledge in what will likely be a neverending series of posts. There are, as I'm learning, countless things to learn about Wagtail, Django and all the other pieces that support it. Today's random thing I learned is about animated GIFs...